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"Life can be delusional.  You'll find that you are so much stronger and more valuable than you think you are."

Rod Cole


In life, I've had my ups and downs like everyone else.  And through it all, I've gained an empowering perspective about life in general, that I want to pass on to you.

I hated and struggled in school, and yet I went back in my 40's and acquired an MBA.  I'll share with you how I did this.

I've been successfully married for 30 years, but for the first 5 years we were struggling and had to receive help from a marriage counselor.  I'll humbly share my experiences. 

In the Corporate world, I've attempted numerous times for promotions,  advancements only to fall short.  I thought I was stuck until I  surprisingly realized that Life and God had actually dramatically promoted me in other ways. 


I am passionate about people, writing, family learning and working.

My unique talent is I’m great with people, I’m a good writer, I’m very creative, I’m an engaging speaker and I’m a good teacher.

My values are my Family, Inner Harmony, Wisdom, Perseverance, and Courage.

Who I am for the world: A place of peace, hope, support, and growth.

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