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I am an Inspirational Author, Speaker, and Teacher that is in the business of giving peace and hope to the socially disadvantaged.  

I want to impact my world, and I figured that I can best accomplish this in two ways.  Writing and Speaking.  Hence why I wrote and published my first book. "The Soldier in You"  and created my business "OneSource Ambassadors LLC" which is my platform for speaking and teaching. 

With OneSource Ambassadors LLC our mission is to bring the amazing cultures together with our writings and our teachings.  The most dynamic way to bring cultures together is to trust, share and be open and respectful of each other’s voices and life experiences.  We all have value and we can truly learn from one another as we move to legitimately appreciate and accept each other’s differences along with our share similarities.   Both are important in striving relationships.   It’s really not so difficult to accomplish with an open heart of intent and acceptance, not only for yourself but for others as well.


Why the name OneSource AmbassadorsOneSource advocates that we are all special and valuable in this world regardless of our backgrounds, cultures and even our education.  As such we are guided as one for the good and equal value of us all.  The Ambassadors is us.  It’s you and me sharing ourselves with our worlds and it’s us accepting and embracing others into our worlds.  This is how we are going to impact and change the world. 

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