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It’s so important to know your power.  The power of self.  And guess what we are all powerful, including you.  Especially you.  Often we don’t feel powerful, and we don’t really believe that we are powerful, but we are, how could we not be.  We mistakenly think out power is related to our exterior power,such as how much money we have, the job that we have, how famous we are or the cars that we drive. Yes that can be a form of power, but that’s not the real power of you, that’s not the power that I’m talking about here.  That’s more of a surface superficial power. It’s a power that can’t necessarily sustain itself or last.  That’s a power that can be taken away or ignored.  The power that I’m talking about is a deep seeded true power.  A power that you were born with.  A power that exists in all of us. This type of power doesn’t recognize money, jobs or materials.  It’s only interested in you, and you discovering it.  It is your birthright.  And it’s up to you to realize your power, your birthright or not. Though this power is yours to be had, it won’t come to you. You must go to it.  You must search for it and believe that it’s there.  And when you find it, inside yourself, your life will change.  It’s that powerful to you, and it’s worth the effort of trying to discover this power.  It’s you seeing yourself in that mirror.  And when you see yourself in that mirror,all the background noise in your life that once upset you, and discouraged you, will bounce off you as if you were made of armor. The fact that you were once born into poverty will not mean as much to you as it once did.  That your dad was an abusive alcoholic will not have the same meaning to you anymore.  The judgment and unfair treatment from others because of your social and economic status will not carry the discomfort that it once did.  You’ll come to understand that this is about your power of self, which is your real power.  This is when you are at your most powerful.  The key here is to know this power because we all are this powerful. We were born with it.  All off us were. 

I once meant a homeless man that appeared to have this power.  He was sitting outside of the donut shop that I was shopping.  When I walked past him he greeted me, and we talked briefly, but I was surprised that he didn’t ask me for anything. I was actually expecting him to ask me for money,which is often the case when I’m approached by a stranger that appears to be struggling. But he never did, and I was relieved because I didn’t have any cash to give him.  Even so, before we had stopped talking I had decided that I was going to buy him a box of fresh donuts inside.  I realized as I thought about this man, though this man was homeless, he appeared to be happy and content in some way.  Though he was struggling, there was a sense of peace about him.  He seemed to understand his value in the world.  When I offered him the box of donuts he respectfully refused.  And then he said something to me that amazed me.  He admitted that he had food on him, and that he didn’t want to be greedy and take food that I had bought for my family. When I heard this I had such admiration for this man.  He was in the middle of his struggle, didn’t appear to have a home, probably didn’t know when his next meal would come and he was concerned about taking too much or taking away from someone else’s family. I finally showed him the second box of donuts that I had with me. I let him know that this box was for my family, and  that I had bought the other box for him.  He then graciously accepted the box of donuts that I had purchased for him.   This was a man that seemed to understand and appreciate his power regardless of his circumstances. 

This brief encounter with this homeless man was inspiring to me. That interaction with this person was a contradiction of what I have sometimes experienced and seen of others who actually have jobs, a home and know when and where their next meal is coming from. I’ve seen and experienced some people cowardly hurting and destroying others in an desperate attempt to climb the corporate ladder of success. Often failing in their attempts, but meanwhile still leaving a path of destruction with destroyed careers and reputations of those that they had targeted.  In those encounters these people seemed to be oblivious not only to the harm that they caused to others but also with themselves.  I’ve noticed that when people attempted to destroy others, eventually they had received the same fate for themselves. These moments had come out of nowhere and I’m often shocked when I watch these people fall from grace. I still bare the scars of resentment and pain from some of these encounters.  But as I move toward my power, I’m able to have a better understanding of my situation and that over all it’s all been for my good. It usually is.  


A lot of what your world has told you about yourself is not true. We often don’t realize this, but from day one, our environments can teach us against ourselves. As a baby when you come into this world you know nothing. You don’t know the language, you don’t know the customs of your world, you can’t read or write, you don’t know history, you know nothing. But when you take your first breath your environment is immediately teaching you about yourself.  At the time of your birth, you are a beautiful piece of clay that is being sculptured by all that you are experiencing and learning in that environment that you were born into.  And because of which, many of us will need to unlearn about ourselves what our environments have taught us over the years.  This is just you trying to peak at yourself in the mirror.    This is a really exciting realization about ourselves. It’s as if GOD in a very loving way has placed you on this beautiful Earth so that you could play a game with yourself.  Which is how can you through all your hardships and teachings, somehow resist your environment and discover the amazing self that you are? That we all are.  It’s as if GOD is saying I'm going to erase your history of the amazing spirit that you are, you will have no memory of your true greatness, and then I’m going to place you in this environment that teaches you against yourself, and you must through your faith, your  relationship with me and through love figure out  how to come back to your real self, which is greatness and love. This is the man in the mirror?  The interesting part is that you will have a lifetime to accomplish this task, which is to get back to yourself or to discover self.   I say discover self because you are already here, you just may not know it yet.  But you will have your whole lifetime to discover this self that you already are.  If you discover early then the rest of your life will be of bliss.  If you discover later, not to worry, that day of discovery will be unbelievable for you, and you can enjoy the remainder of your days, and you can appreciate the journey that you went through to discover self, and you can teach others about your journey and how you discovered yourself.  If you manage to go through your life and you don’t discover yourself because you think that you are superior or inferior to others or have hate or fear inside of you then unfortunately your journey to toward self may not happen for you.  Our challenge is that all us on this planet in all walks of life are have a similar journey as you.  We are looking for self.  Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, black or white or the country that you were born.  The search for self is the same.  Some believe because they are wealthy that they have found self and they are entitled.  Not so. They just have a different journey for self that they must figure out, just as you must figure out. Life and GOD will guide you through your faith and love for yourself and others. 

The point is that you are already amazing, but you just have to discover this for yourself. It’s your responsibility to know and understand this about yourself. This knowing is your power.  GOD made you this way. God made us all this way. You are great because you came from somewhere great, your were created in greatness, by greatness.  And when it’s all over you’ll go back to your greatness , but meanwhile, you are here on earth for a moment to have an experience. What’s interesting is while you are here you will not have memory of your greatness or your power.  You will not have memory of your creator that loved and created you.  Even so instinctively the bond and love is their with your creator.  Instinctively you know that you are powerful and great.  This is true for you regardless of your circumstances.  Yet this may be hard to believe because of the challenging environment that you find yourself.  For many of us our environments are teaching us against ourselves.  That we don’t have value, that we are not wanted or even needed.


But what if this is all just a temporary test for us. That this test will last only as long as you and I are alive. And the test is that you are denied your true memory of how great and powerful that you really are. And without this memory of your true self, how do you instinctively, through your faith of your self-worth maneuver through this environment that maybe teaching you against yourself.   What if it is true as some worldly leaders have expressed, that we are simply  put on this earth to have an human experience,and that we have a choice during our human experience, to live our lives in a state of suffering or in a state of joy and bliss.  What if we unknowingly are so powerful that we actually are the ones that choose an existence for ourselves of hell on earth or an existence for ourselves of heaven on earth?  What if regardless of your circumstances and all that you’ve been through that the choice is yours and has always been yours. Think about that for a moment.  Could it be that you are this powerful,and somehow you just didn’t know it?  If you are starting to believe that maybe you are this powerful, then guess what?  You are getting a glimpse of yourself in that mirror.  Weather you believer it or not, yes you are that powerful, that amazing.  

The challenge in all this is your environment. The world is full of misinformed people, including you. We don’t have a understanding of each other’s true power let alone our own power.  We are making strong assumptions about one another and ourselves based on how we look, or our economic status.  We grossly undervalue ourselves or overvalue ourselves based on superficial information such as appearance or status. None of which is even true. Just something that we have all bought into over the many centuries.   This is why it’s so important for you to live by faith and not necessarily by site. Because who you think you are is not necessarily who you may be. Because who others think you are is not necessarily who you are either.  The place that you find yourself in this world, is not necessarily the place that is yours to take.  This is just the story of the life that you have taken on, that you were born into. This is the adventure that you're in. You are merely behind the person who's living and breathing. That's who you are. You are behind the story that you are living.  And what a story it is.  

How are you uniquely you in everything you do?

  • I genuinely care about my co-workers, I care about the customer, and I care about the audience.  This genuine caring of people make me unique in my interaction on all levels.   Because of which this is more than a job for me.  This is my life.  So when I make a decision as relates to business, these decisions come from a place of caring about the results and the people that are affected by the results. 

How does this translate to a great experience at work?

  • I find when I’m genuine with people, interactions and trust evolves so much easier.  As result, I'm able to often solve problems fairly while enhancing business relationships and building trusts.  My goals and hope are that our customers and get an insight into how amazing this company is, and because of which they enjoy doing business with myself .  My hope is that because of this relationship this is there the first choice of business. 

Is there an area where I’ve touched lives personally?

  • As a minority, my hope is that on the projects that I have led or the teams that I have been on that I have touched lives and set an example and a connection that will break down some of the hurtful stereotypes of black males.   This is important to me because I want to contribute to creating a world that is a better place for my kids to strive and live. However, without a doubt, I have had the most effect on my family.

What would one of my customers or teammates say about me if they were telling a story about me?

  • My hope is that they would say that I care about them and that I am selfless and want them to win.  My hope is that they would say that I’m forgiving.  We are humans and our interactions among each other are complicated and often misunderstood.  My hope is that when I’ve been hurt that my co-workers will say that Rod is forgiving or they will forgive me for hurting them.  My hope is that my co-workers would say that I’m strong.  Strong in my values, strong in my commitments, strong with my friendships, strong with my family strong in my love and support, strong in my decisions.  My hope is they would say in some small way that I have impacted their lives as well as they have impacted mine.  My hope is when I or they have moved on, that they will smile when they hear my name.

My personal values

  • My personal values have kept me steady. Such as Loyalty, Continued learning, Treat people with dignity and respect, my commitment and love for my family and finally Inner peace and strength.  Sometimes during a storm, I can stand still within my own strength and peace and endure the worse.  The worse being failure, humiliation, judgment, pain etc.  


  • I live by Self-Promotion.  Self-Promotion is the participation in the vast list of training and education.  This self-promotion has enhanced my personal development and self-confidence.  A measurement and satisfaction that often only I or my family can realize.  It’s self-promotion because the progress and rewards are silent.  The world will not recognize you or even acknowledge you.  You quietly pursue one self-promotion after another in an attempt to better yourself, in an attempt to do what you love regardless of recognition or not. 

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