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Areas of Teaching

Life can be delusional.  You'll find that you are so much stronger and more valuable than you think you are.
Have you ever been singled out and trapped by outside forces that you had no control of?  Well, you’re not alone.  But you find as I have that you may not really be trapped and that the power has been yours all along.
Have you ever felt hopeless not knowing how you fit in this world and what you are meant to do with your life?  I have also felt this way, and I’ll share with you how I overcame this and discovered my true success. 
Have you ever felt oppressed by another and could not find your own voice to defend yourself?  You’re not alone, I have as well and I’ll share what I did to overcome this so as to finally realize the strength that I didn’t know that I had all along.
Have you ever found that the harder that you work, the less traction that you seemed to make in your personal and professional life?   Well, you are in a group of many that have felt just as you have.  And even so, I’ll help you to discover the hidden happiness that is within you. 
Do you want to make a difference and impact yourself and those close to you?  I want this for you also.  This will take work and a shift in your mindset.  This will require you to be a Soldier of progress and change.  Are you ready for that?  Your answer should be yes.  You’re ready even if you think that you are not.
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, don’t worry.  You are merely a Soldier in the making, waiting for your next mission.   I can help prepare you for that mission.
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